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Company profile

BioNutri International (Pvt) Limited is a Manufacturing Company, specializing in detergents for Laundry, Housekeeping, Food Processing and Stewarding.The Company also manufactures and markets Veterinary Pharmaceuticals which are very popular among poultry farms, cattle farms, piggeries and veterinary clinics.

Our entire product range thus embrace the all-important ‘Hygiene’ for good health in all spheres for consumers at all levels to enjoy a healthier life in a echo friendly and hygienically safe environment.


Our vision is to become the best product in the detergent range among consumers in the commercial and domestic markets, and be a leading Animal Nutrition and Healthcare Company by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in the animal healthcare space


Our Mission is to strive for high standards using the best raw materials available and continue to research and develop our products through state-of-the-art technology to position ourselves as the market leader in Laundry,house-keeping,food processing and stewardingDetergents. We are committed to providing superior quality and value for money products to our customers. In the Pharmaceutical arena we hope to enhance livestock welfare by introducing nutritional foods and will be driven by high ethical standards in our practices.

CEO’s Message

After having graduated as an Engineer, I decided to set out on a long journey which was quite diverse to my field of studies. I began to follow my dreams and embarked on an undertaking in formulating my own product range devoting much time in testing formulas with chemicals and other raw materials to come up with the fabric care, home care and Industrial care products which gave birth to Bio Nutri International Pvt Ltd., in the year 2005.
As founder/Managing Director of the Organization, I will strive together with my staff for the wholehearted satisfaction of my customers with improved and quality products that will enrich the lives of the people.


BioNutri International (Pvt) Ltd.,caters to the medical and educational needs of the poor and needy members of the society through donations to Charitable Institutions, from time to time.